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The authors and publishers acknowledge the following sources of copyright material and are grateful for the permissions granted. While every effort has been made, it has not always been possible to identify the sources of all the material used, or to trace all copyright holders. If any omissions are brought to our notice, we will be happy to include the appropriate acknowledgements on reprinting.

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Photo acknowledgements:

Key: T = Top, M= Middle, B = Below, L = Left, R = Right, B/G = Background

Welcome! & Units 1 to 10 Home screens(T) : Gareth Boden Photography; (Video exercises): Thinkstock/© Hemera/Didier Kobi; Units 1 – 10 Home screens, Listening exercises: Thinkstock/© Monkey Business Images, Reading exercises: Thinkstock/© iStock/Jacek Chabraszewski.

Welcome! Games, Tumble - Parts of the Body (arm): Thinkstock/© iStock/Vampirica; (finger): Thinkstock/© iStock/StockPhotosArt; (ear, eye, feet, foot, shoulder): Thinkstock/Hemera Technologies; (hair): Thinkstock/Thomas Northcut; (hand, head): Thinkstock/© Stockbyte; (mouth): Thinkstock/Jupiterimages; (leg, nose): Thinkstock/Design Pics; Unit 7 Games, Tumble – Home Appliances (ceiling light): Shutterstock/© mates.

Unit 1 Listening Levels 1 & 2, - First listening (bicycle); First listening & Listen for Detail (horse): Shutterstock/ © Jacek Chabraszewski; First listening (farmhouse): Shutterstock/© Frank Bach, (flats): Shutterstock/© VOJTa Herout, (man & woman): Shutterstock/© Goodluz, (woman): Shutterstock/© oliveromg; Unit 1 Listening Level 2, First Listening (running): Alamy/© yon march Phototrix; Unit 2 Listening Levels 1 & 2, First Listening & Listen for detail & Intensive listening (Nicola): Getty Images/© Jaroslaw Wojcik, (Adam): Thinkstock/© Photodisc/Amos Morgan, (Lewis): Thinkstock/© iStock/SergiyN, (witch): iStockphoto.com/© Joshua Blake; First listening (man): Shutterstock/© stockyimages, (man & woman): iStockphoto.com/© Aleksandar Nakic; Unit 3 Listening Level 1 First Listening (man in suit): Shutterstock/© Elnur; Unit 4 Listening Levels 1 & 2, First listening & Listen for detail: iStockphoto.com/© Oleg Prikhodko; Unit 5 Listening Levels 1 & 2, First listening (India): Alamy/© Flag Illustrations, (Britain): Alamy/© Andrew Patterson, (South Africa): Alamy/© Photography by STEVE ALLEN, (United States): Shutterstock/© Thomas Pajot; Unit 5 Listening Level 2, First listening (France): Alamy/© microstockeurope; Unit 5 Listening Levels 1 & 2, Listen for detail & Intensive listening: Alamy/© Dinodia Photos; Unit 6 Listening Levels 1 & 2, First listening & Listen for detail & Intensive listening (bed): Alamy/© luckyraccoon, (market): Alamy/© Izaokas Sapiro, (beach): Alamy/© Bill Varnie, (girl café): Getty Images/© Blend Images/Eric Raptosh Photography; Unit 6 Listening Level 1, First listening (girl on bus): Getty Images/© Design Pics/Craig Tuttle; Unit 6 Listening Level 2, First listening (girl scarf): Alamy/© Maskot Unit 7 Listening Level 1, First listening (microwave): Shutterstock/© Oleksiy Mark, (washing machine): Shutterstock/© Ozaiachin, (hair dryer): Shutterstock/© Africa Studio, (smartphone): Shutterstock/© Fenton one; Unit 7 Listening Level 1, Listen for detail; Unit 7 Listening Level 2, First listening & Listen for detail: Thinkstock/© iStock/RickBL; Unit 8 Listening Levels 1 & 2, First listening & Listen for detail & Intensive listening: Shutterstock/© Michael Chamberlin.

Unit 1 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading (cookies): Shutterstock/© Daniel Gilbey Photography - My portfolio, (fish): Getty Images/© The Image Bank/Michele Westmorland, (snake): Thinkstock/© iStock/Els van der Gun; Unit 1 Reading Level 2, First reading (cake): Alamy/© Glowimages RM; Unit 2 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading & Read for detail: Thinkstock/© iStock/koya79; Unit 3 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading & Intensive reading (boy with hat): iStockphoto.com/© tap10, (girl in purple): Thinkstock/© iStock/Samo Trebizan, (boy in yellow): iStockphoto.com/© svetikd, (girl in white): Thinkstock/© Jupiterimages; Unit 3 Reading Level 2, First reading & Intensive reading (girl sunglasses): Shutterstock/© Tassh; Unit 4 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading (trumpeter): Getty Images/© Michael Ochs Archive, (Elvis Presley): Alamy/© Mary Evans Picture Library, (Beatles): Getty Images/© Hulton Archive, (group): Superstock, (jazz band): Corbis/© Underwood & Underwood; Unit 4 Reading Level 2, First reading (conductor): Topfoto/© RIA Novosti; Unit 5 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading: Getty Images/© E+/sturti; Unit 6 Reading Levels 1 & 2, Read for detail: Thinkstock/© iStock/Steve Pepple; Unit 7 Reading Levels 1 & 2, First reading (light bulb): Getty Images/© SSPL/Science Museum, (hair dryer): © Illustrated London News/Mary Evans, (Wright brothers): Mary Evans/© Epic/Tallandier, (sketch): Thinkstock/© Hemera, (velcro): Shutterstock/© Stocksnapper; Unit 7 Reading Level 2, First reading (microwave): Shutterstock/© Oleksiy Mark; Unit 8 Reading Level 1, Read for detail: Shutterstock/© Mikael Damkier.

Video exercises Welcome! Task 1 Shutterstock/© ANURAK PONGPATIMET; Unit 3 Task 1 (magician): Shutterstock/© Jamie Duplass, (man): Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia; Unit 5 Task 1 (child): Shutterstock/© Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley, (chin): Shutterstock/© Syda Productions, (tongue): Shutterstock/© Zametalov, (bicep): Shutterstock/© vita khorzhevska; Unit 7 Task 1 (soccer): Alamy/© PhotoAlto , (tennis): Corbis/© Wavebreak Media Ltd, (squash): Alamy/© Image Source, (badminton): Shutterstock/© Kzenon.

9e Teacher Zone PDFs

Unit 1 worksheets & Unit 1 ALL worksheets, 1.3 Mixed ability: Alamy/© Travel Pictures, 1.6 & 1.8 Mixed ability(1): Thinkstock/© Photodisc/Steve Baccon, 1.6 & 1.8 Mixed ability(2): Alamy/© Johner Images, 1.6 & 1.8 Mixed ability(3): Alamy/© Niels Quist, 1.15 Language: Shutterstock/© Blend Images, 1.16 Language (T): Shutterstock/© DuleS, 1.16 Language (B): Shutterstock/© Gts, 1.16 Language (B/G): Shutterstock/© Florin Tirlea; Unit 2 worksheets & Unit 2 ALL worksheets, 2.17 Language: Thinkstock/© Bananastock, 2.18 Extra reading (T): Getty Images/© E+/Ragip Candan, 2.18 Extra reading (B): Superstock/© Design Pics; Unit 3 worksheets & Unit 3 ALL worksheets, 3.10 & 3.11 & 3.12 Mixed ability: Getty Images/© Mike Marsland, 3.16 Language: Getty Images/© Compassionate Eye Foundation; Unit 3 picture cards (tracksuit): Shutterstock/© Khvost, (gloves): Getty Images/© Zoonar RF, (boots): Getty Images/© E+/Mehmet Hilmi Barcin, (dress): Alamy/© D. Hurst, (slippers): Shutterstock/© Melica, (shirt): Shutterstock/© Elnur, (belt): Shutterstock, (trainers): Getty Images/© istock/zhaubasar, (scarf): Getty Images/© istock/Egor Arkhipov, (coat): Shutterstock/© PhotoNAN, (socks): Shutterstock/© Natalia Evstigneeva, (sweat top): Shutterstock/© zhangyang13576997233; Unit 4 worksheets & Unit 4 ALL worksheets, 4.4 Mixed ability: Getty Images/© Michael Webb/Hulton Archive, 4.12 Photostory: Alex Medeville, 4.15 & 4.16 Language (T): Shutterstock/© Tracy Whiteside, 4.15 & 4.16 Language (B): Corbis/© Zeng yi/Xinhua Press; Unit 5 worksheets & Unit 5 ALL worksheets, 5.15 Language (T): Alamy/© Dennis Frates, 5.15 Language (B): Shutterstock/© Cameron Whitman; Unit 6 worksheets & Unit 6 ALL worksheets, 6.6 Mixed ability (L): Robert Harding/© Jane Sweeney, 6.6 Mixed ability (R): Topfoto/© AA World Travel Library, 6.14 Language: Getty Images/© Taxi/Nick David; Unit 8 worksheets & Unit 8 ALL worksheets, 8.1 & 8.2 & 8.3 Mixed ability (A): Topfoto/© RIA Novosti, 8.1 & 8.2 & 8.3 Mixed ability (B): Corbis/© Mike Segar/Reuters, 8.1 & 8.2 & 8.3 Mixed ability (C): Alamy/© Tony Tallec, 8.1 & 8.2 & 8.3 Mixed ability (D): Alamy/© epa european pressphoto agency b.v, 8.18 Language: © The Thayer Collection.

EiM TV Episode 1, Episode 3 (boy, 1-4), Episode 4: Lightning Pictures.

Teacher Zone 9e Coursebook PDFs

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Teachers Resource Book, Memo from Mario: Photo courtesy of Mario Rinvolucri.

9e Tests

Unit 1 Listening 1: Thinkstock/© Jupiterimages; Unit 2 reading text 1 (face icons): Shutterstock/© Aratehortua; Unit 2 Reading text 2 (Ethan): Thinkstock/© Bananastock; (Emma): Shutterstock/© BestPhotoPlus; Unit 3 Spoken production - Prompt cards (Card 1): Alamy/© Kuttig - People – 2; (Card 2): Getty Images/© iStock/360/tetmc; (Card 3): Shutterstock/© stockyimages; (Card 4): Shutterstock/© oliveromg; (Card 5): Shutterstock/© sianc; (Card 6): Alex Medeville; Unit 3 Spoken interaction - Instructions (tracksuit): Shutterstock/© Khvost; (gloves): Getty Images/© Zoonar RF; (boots): Getty Images/© E+/Mehmet Hilmi Barcin; (dress): Alamy/© D. Hurst; (slippers): Shutterstock/© Melica; (shirt): Shutterstock/© Elnur; (belt): Shutterstock; (trainers): Getty Images/© istock/zhaubasar; (scarf): Getty Images/© istock/Egor Arkhipov; (coat): Shutterstock/© PhotoNAN; (socks): Shutterstock/© Natalia Evstigneeva; (hoodie): Shutterstock/© zhangyang13576997233; Unit 3 Reading text 1: Shutterstock/© Monkey Business Images; Unit 4 Reading text 1: Getty Images/© Express; Unit 4 Reading text 2: Superstock; Unit 5 Reading text 1: Topfoto/© EMPICS3; Unit 5 Reading text 2: Getty Images/© Central Press/Hulton Archive; Unit 6 Reading text 2: Shutterstock/© canadastock; Unit 7 Reading text 1: Getty Images/© Elke Van de Velde; Unit 8 Reading text 2 (snowshoe icon): Shutterstock/© felixe.